The Backyard Barbecue: One Man's Opinion On DJ's , by volunteer Garrett Perry

Recently UNBC kicked off the opening of the school year with a "Backyard BBQ". I was invited to go as a volunteer of CFUR, I got a press pass and I was supposed to take pictures or write a write-up about the event. When I asked a few friends about this concert they told me in was a yearly event and in years past they had big name performers such as Nickleback and Sum 41. Hearing this I got really excited and I hoped for the best. I should have lowered my expectations. When I arrived D.J. Ant was on stage blasting his beats, head leaning into his headphones and twisting his knobs like his life depended on it. Don't get me wrong, but I hate DJs as a form of entertainment. At this point I wanted to leave but it was to my understanding that there would be bands playing I didn't want to miss anything amazing, I also didn't want to form my opinion to quickly recently I heard a story where a fellow community member "Mr. Hollywood" had gone to a Gord Downie concert, left 5 minutes in because Gord wasn't playing any Tragically Hip. According to my friend he was very vocal about his disappointment in the concert even though he didn't see it.

Nothing DJ Ant did during his time in the limelight changed my opinion on djs. Nothing he did was original. He played music off a laptop. Sure the bass was loud and the beat carried through all the tracks he played, it was no substitute for real music.

Horribly disappointed by the time the next act was playing, it was time to leave. It was my neighbor's birthday and the band that did was playing was pop and did nothing for me. Highlight of the night is when my room mate caught some free Cariboo swag, and we couldn't figure out what it was. He thought it was a small table cloth but I'm pretty sure it's a scarf. Tis the season.

[Editor note: The comments and opinions expressed in this piece, while hilarious, and not those of CFUR radio society. They belong solely to the writer. We liked the backyard bbq].