The Joey Only Outlaw Band Rips Up Riley's Pub

  The Tools of Rock & Roll

Country, Punk, Rock & Roll, and whatever else the band wants to play comes screaming from their amps. Literally nothing can stop this band from playing a genre, or from playing it well. Stompin' Tom Connors, Corb Lund, Sid Vicious, and Hank III would all be green with envy to witness the versatility and raw energy of January 8th's show.

The Anthem, Fire On Anarchist Mountain


The noteworthy mix the crowd represented would surprise more than a few. Students, blue collars, white collars, no collars, young, and old all came out to cut a rug. The outlaw atmosphere brought on by the band's reckless feel-good-mofo attitude proved irresistible as nearly all social norms dissolved into anarchy. More than a few people had a hard time nodding off in the Days Inn above.

The Greyhound/Hitchhiking Song


Well travelled across this land, the band wasn't afraid of sharing an experience or two. The miles put on the road have multiplied over the years, as have the notes per minute. Every member could hammer out a solo worth shouting for, even the tambourine player. Joey burst through the rhythm with a blazing streak of rockabilly rage on guitar again and again. We thought our heels would break from all the stomping.

Birthday Blizzard Busride Blues


Stompin' Tom Connors' tunes came in to break the blistering tempo up, and we were happy for the break to grab a beverage and sing along.

A Stompin' Tom Tribute


No doubt influenced by the Canadian Troubadour, the band didn't try to hide it as they highlighted colourful characters they met along their path.

Maybe you have to see them for yourself to realize that seeing this band is in your absolute best interest. Just in case you're already convinced, check out their itunes page here. If I haven't sold you on them yet, check out CBC's page here, it's a beaut :D

Huzzah to Geoff, Volunteer door guy!


Busy Feet