The Rat Queen-- Goodbye to Rdio

Hey CFUR!Recently my favourite streaming service died. It was RDIO. it was the best, because it emphasized the social aspect of listening to music, namely, that the best music recommendations you're going to get are going to be from your friends. Alas and alack, they were right. unfortunately, RDIO remained sort of the audiophile's option, refusing to get into bed with labels and promote top forty artists, or give away subscriptions. I mean, streaming services are still a capitalist nightmare in terms of money paid to actual artists for their time and labour. but if you're a music fan and want to just listen to absolutely everything all the time forever, rdio was the best one. I have to sully my pretty white underthings in the filth-bath that is spotify now, but my ultimate satisfaction lies in the knowledge that hopefully this rdio death is a canary in the coal mine, and a more sustainable method of streaming music is developed. I would pay $100 a month for rdio to be sustainable for artists and the app company, but until that happens, I'll be trying spotify. like some sort of common layabout.

Anyways, here's my nightmare disaster show.