The Rat Queen-- last week's busted ankle endeavour


Oct 9 2015- The Rat Queen- I Sort Of lIve By Myself Now And I Don't Know How To Read Treble Clef by Jordan Tucker on Mixcloud

Hey CFURs!

Apparently this week's audio was sort of a mess-- I prerecorded my show after three nights of staying up reading Lolita. I was totally wrong about that book-- it's one of the most beautifully written stories I've ever read. What a character study! In the afterword, Nabokov refers to it as his "love letter to the English language", and I would strongly agree. There's nothing better to read than a series of sentences written by someone who clearly relished writing them. Lolita is one of the funniest, most compassionate, darkest and simply beautiful books I've ever read. Also, a serial child rapist is the protagonist. So there's that.

All that is to say that in my tiredness, I apparently forgot to turn on the fader for my voice for this week's audio, as I was too busy thinking about the possibility of failures in our best intentions, be we criminals or technically-ungifted radio hosts. So- here is my show from last week. The information and songs contained wherein are a week stale, so somehow you'll just have to sally forth in your agony and wait for another week to figure out what happened with my ankle and whatever. Or, check my mixcloud page, (search Jamteezy) , and you can hear my show, but with gaps where I was speaking. If you hate what I talk about, there's blessed silence between songs. Just picture me talking about my cats or about trying to be a good person but being really self-involved. or whatever I say normally, I'm not really paying attention.

Anyways, the link above is last week's show and it works. Hurray!

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