Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Alternate Facts Link to Newspeak


According to Wikipedia:

  • "In the city of Oaxaca on Dec. 23, there is an unusual event called La Noche de los Rabanos. Oversized radishes are carved into elaborate figures. Originally, these were for nativity scenes but today, there is a major competition in which the vegetables are carved into all kinds of figures."
  • Gelignite was invented by Alfred Nobel in 1875, "who also invented dynamite. Unlike dynamite, gelignite does not suffer from the dangerous problem of sweating, the leaking of unstable nitroglycerine from the solid matrix... One of the cheapest explosives, gelignite burns slowly and cannot explode without a detonator, so it can be stored safely."
  • "Alternate facts" links to "Newspeak."
  • "A tame bear, also called a dancing bear, is a wild bear captured when the animal is young, or born and bred in captivity, and used to entertain people in streets or taverns.... They were still present in the streets of Spain in 2007."


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