Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: POKEMON Gene Linked to Cancer Development


According to Wikipedia:

  1. On Wikipedia's List of Unusual Biological Names: "Pokemon threatened to sue the discoverer of the POKEMON gene (POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic factor) because the name was attracting attention when its link to the development of cancer was published."
  2. "The Spice Boys emerged as a term coined to characterize the antics and lifestyles off the pitch of the Liverpool FC 1990s players as high-earning playboys who were underachieving in the game, based on a play of words of the pop music band at the time, the Spice Girls."
  3. "Freeze branding is done by cooling the branding iron to a temperature of -160C to 250C.... The hair falls out, and after two to three months the hair will be fully regrown, without pigment, unless the hair is dyed back to the original colour.... On white-haired animals, the brand is kept on longer, destroying the hair follicle altogether, and the area remains bald."

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