You Can Support Protection of the Ancient Forest.


BC's provincial government is moving forward with their promise to protect the beautiful Ancient Forest Trail area located east of Prince George. Hells yes!

Prince George's Northern Wetbelt Working Group has composed a gracious and gratuitous letter to MLA Shirley Bond in response to the government's invitation for public commentary.

Tomorrow, November 2nd, is the LAST day to add your name to the letter. Press here to read it and sign, using a simple-to-use electronic form.

If YOU support protection of the Ancient Forest (and all forest, for that matter) - please sign the Northern Wetbelt Working Group's letter! Show the government that we, British Columbians, love our glorious land and want further protection of the Ancient Forest area.

Unfamiliar with the wondrous magnificence that is PG's bio-gem the Ancient Forest? Read about it here.





Post by Dara Campbell