We're Looking For Scripts

The CFUR Radio Theatre Callout!

Do you feel the urge to write, but need a goal? Do have a script half written, but can't find

a reason to finish? Did you finish typing a play, but have no idea what to do with it?

Credit: http://www.vancourier.com/entertainment/old-time-radio-dramas-alive-and-well-on-the-internet-1.378588

Well all these questions and more will be answered with: The CFUR Radio Theatre Callout!

Credit: http://continuo.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/peter-handke-radioplay/

We want your original scripts to produce, and broadcast on THE AIR. We'll act it out, we'll make the sound effects, we'll make you a star writer of College/Community Radio Theatre. We won't even prevent you from participating in your own play.

Don't be afraid of your content. @ CFUR Radio, our minds have opened so much that we just can't help things from falling inside. No matter how crazy, how sad, how trivial, or post-modern, all submissions will be read, but please be patient with our responses. It could take a while to get down to your submission.

So where are you writers!? Come out of the shadows and SUBMIT!

Please email your scripts to programming@cfur.ca with the subject "Radio Theatre." Feel free send in questions, or to call 250960 7664 for more info.

Crdit: http://thevisitorium.com/

Note: All submissions must be available in a digital format. Mail-ins can direct their package to:

Programming Director

CFUR Radio

3333 University Way

Prince George BC

V2N 4Z9