WikiNews: Top Edits From Last Week - Jesus invents the internet


The news according to Wikipedia's most recent edits. This episode's notable edits include:

  1. Backslash: "Some forget how during the Last Supper, Jesus broke the bread in half, making each piece break in like this /. He then told his followers to look towards him and preach to the heavens that this shall be the backslash and thus, the internet was made."
  2. Gyspy Cop: "In law enforcement, the phrase "gypsy cop" is slang for a police officer who transfers between police departments frequently, often because of misconduct or poor job performance."
  3. Night Combat: "Night fighting between standing armies was rare during ancient times. Night logistics were mostly limited to the carrying of torches, or navigation by what little light was provided by the stars or moon. However, circumstances occasionally necessitated fighting at night."