Wikipedia Edits of the Day: EU's Seven Dwarves -Brexit, Irexit, Nexit, Grexit, and Frexit

According to Wikipedia:

  1. "Irexit is a common name for a hypothetical withdrawal of the Republic of Ireland from the European Union. See also: Brexit, Frexit, Nexit, and Grexit."
  2. "A pizza party is a social gathering at which pizza is served.... Typically, a pizza that is 10 to 14 inches wide will feed two people, assuming the party-goers are not voraciously hungry. Since pizzas can include a very wide variety of toppings, one particular type of pizza party allows the party-goers to create their own custom-made pizza using a selection of ingredients.... When a pizza party does not include any custom-made pizzas, it is common to include at least one plain cheese-only pizza."
  3. The Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness recommends the following to activate each circuit: opiods (Oral Bio-Survival Circuit), alcohol (Emotional-Territorial Circuit), cocaine (Neurosemantic-Dexterity Circuit), MDMA (Socio-Sexual Circuit), cannabis (Neurosomatic Circuit), LSD, and peyote (Neuroelectric).