Winona Wilde Album Review: You Loose Some, You Loose Some

New Music Review: Winona Wilde's You Loose Some, You Loose Some winona


Winona Wilde grabbed my hand and took me on a wagon ride touring her dynamic genre spanning 10 songs on “You Loose Some, You Loose Some”. From the trumpet speckled “Dating Song” which features Winona’s wit and humour alongside perfectly placed horn (which surely could make the grumpiest of cats to wiggle), to her wisdom and grit in the acapella’s “Six Feet of Earth Pt 1 & Pt 2”, to the smoky vocals and jazzed up arrangement with “Sugar Mama”, she showcases her diverse range and musical ability all without loosing ground of her own sound.

Tom Waits fans will find themselves nostalgic with “Winona’s Blues”, an unhurried but consistent waltz that made me feel as though I was being led along the dusty trails of a travelling musician. And then there is the simple yet potent acoustic “I Can Shout Louder”. This is my personal favourite, conjuring up feelings of my own stubbourness and strong will. This short but sweet gem leaves the listener feeling the fight and power of a strong woman on a mission. Rounding out the album is “Pop & Chips for the Apocalypse”, a solo piano ballad that beautifully paints the tensions of modern living and present day destructions, while still finding space to survive and thrive. At the end of this wagon ride, I felt as though I made a new friend, one who will always surprise me. Winona Wilde don’t mind looking the truth hard in the eye, she stares it down and then paints it out loud with the sweetness and depth of a deep brown sugar and a cool yet unflinching honesty.

You can catch Winona Wilde here in northern BC at these smashing events:

July 24-26 Hootstock Music Festival, near Williams Lake BC

July 28-30 Songwriting Camp, Wells BC

July 31-August 3 Artswells, Wells BC

You can also listen to her tunes on the airwaves from 9-10 am on our daily local show Due North.