The CFURadio Youth Academy is brought to you in part by generous support of the CRFC!



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Get the downloadable registration from here

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Sliding Scale of Payment

CFUR offers the Academy experience at levels of affordability on a sliding scale based on your income and financial position.

Submit your interest by providing the camper's name, the parent or guardian contact's name, preferred email address, and phone number to with the subject line "CFURadio Youth Academy Submission" We welcome all applicants!

There will be three different camps over the summer with start dates in June and July.

Each camp with a total of 10 instructional days, for 3 hours a day:

- June 4th-15th

- June 25th- July 6th

- July 16th- 27th

From June 4th-28th Drop off to Office 6-354 in UNBC's Student Centre at 4pm

Pick up in same location at 7pm.

From June 29th onward Drop off to Office 6-354 in UNBC's Student Centre at 1pm

Pick up in same location at 4pm.

Feel free to peruse our curriculum on this page's drop down menu.

This years focus is on campers aged 12-17. Unfortunately transportation, lunch and snacks are not provided at this time. Sponsorship pending.