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CFUR is proud to present many locally-created, locally-hosted radio shows. Below are links to their Mixclouds, in no particular order:



Spotted Wold has life experience, gained on a journey from Texas to the Cariboo Country. He attempts to bridge gaps across the universe, and connects to the shamanic wavelength. Hear his story here on CFUR 88.7fm

Ab-Original - 20160202 - Building Bridges by Cfurvolunteer on Mixcloud

Bridge Duty

Bridge Duty is a show that aired on CFUR in 2016 which brings you many stories of indigenous sovereignty from across Turtle Island. Although it ended last year there are still many people who are taking an ongoing interest in the topics highlighted in the show, so the episodes are currently being uploaded onto Mixcloud.

Lasso Leonard

Host of Lasso Leonard's Country-Blues Special. Jeremy can gut a moose and not puke at the same time.

Cloudcasts by Jeremy Pahl on Mixcloud


 All Metal / Punk and Hardcore Radio Based out of UNBC and Heard Worldwide...

Cloudcasts by Garrett Perry on Mixcloud


Jill makes a playlist according to whatever recipe she's dreamed up (sometimes literally), with a focus on Indie Rock and whatever genres suit the mood and flavour. It's a taste sensation for your musical and mouthly palate!

Cloudcasts by Jill Wagg on Mixcloud

What's Your Problem?

“What’s Your Problem is quality radio programming dedicated to your feelings!” Share something anonymously or include your charming name. The tune doctor will prescribe a melody for your malady! Perhaps the track of choice will really allow you to wallow or it might enable you to transcend into a new, more highly attuned to the universe, emotion! Whatever happens, there will be some music. Do you think you aren’t sad enough to share something? Don’t let the tissue box fool you, it’s just there if you need it. Talk about anger, joy, anxiousness, peace or whatever else might be occurring in your decaying human form.

You can share your feeling at


Rock N' Soul

Dj Jazzy Jo and the Fresh Princess play, well, Rock N' Soul.

Cloudcasts by Jo Hollis on Mixcloud

Ether in The Attic

2nd Hand Hubcap Salesman. Born of discarded petri dish cultures expelled by Du-Pont Lab's slime toy (TM) department, Hubcap Walter enjoys life in the slow lane. Making change for folks who share his passion for Hubcaps. Generally agreeable with a few exceptions (the lead-pipe spaghetti incident for one), Mr. Walter rarely lets the Man get him down. 

Cloudcasts by Hubcap Walter on Mixcloud

Bad Not Cheap

Bad Not Cheap is hosted by high profile sardonic rambler and part-time Prince Georgian, Darcie Smith.  Listen every week for an abundance of alt-country-folking sprinkled with grungy beats and a pint of pants-shakin' indie rock. Bad Not Cheap has been a proud progeny of CFUR Radio since 2007.

Cloudcasts by darcevader on Mixcloud

Inside The Intro

Celebrated Prince George DeeJay Nelos hosts a weekly show of new sets and a tunes showcasing the wide spectrum of electronic music.

Cloudcasts by nelos on Mixcloud

The Rat Queen

The Queen talks to herself on topics ranging from feminism to rhubarb to love songs to comic books. mixed in with the angst are smidgens of indie pop, hip hop, indie rock, alternative, 80s synth pop, and new rock releases. Bio writing in the third person is tough.

Cloudcasts by Jordan Tucker on Mixcloud

Story Records

Hosted lovingly by brothers Travis and Tyler, Story Records looks back at some of the seminal albums of our time and tells the stories of how those works came to be.

Cloudcasts by Story Records on Mixcloud

Pressure Drop

A system approaches and it's coming in low, prepare... for the Pressure Drop with DJ Sol



High Definition Audio, it's what your ears need... at least they do now. There's no turning back!

Prince George's one and only International Reggae music radio program. World Reggae brings a diverse but unifying perspective to the beautiful north of B.C. by highlighting some of the amazing talent inspired by reggae music from around the world. Host Simon Loewen brings you artists who are truely unique, each with their own background, but all with the same call for peace and social justice through reggae music.

Cloudcasts by Sloewdiggz on Mixcloud

This Is Britt A.M.

Hosted by Britt Meierhofer, This Is Britt A.M. is composed of a dash of frivolity, a dollop of silliness, and just a SMACK of ham. And of course, RIDICULOUSLY GOOD new and old music to tickle your earholes!

This Is Britt A.M., Episode 2, 20151230 by Britt Meierhofer on Mixcloud

Summit Psychedelia

A show where great minds don't think alike.

A show about weird, wondrous ideas. Featuring Zen talks from Alan Watts, psychedelic ponderings by Terrence Mckenna, writings from beat poets and alternative thinkers, and all the music that supports these ideas.