Aboriginal Outlet - George Leach


George Leach did an interview with CFUR.   Tracked him down when he had some free time.  George is an Indigenous Artist and Actor.  His albums:  Just Where I'm at, Surrender.  Carry Me, won Single of the Year (2013). Survivor won Best Rock CD (2013).  

 TV Shows (He's in):  "Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis," "Distant Drumming, A North of 60 Mystery." 

You can find him on: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify.  He also has a website:  http://www.georgeleach.com/

Dungeon Disaster - Episode #4: The Famous Monsters Participate In The Subjugation of Hubcap Walter

The Famous Monsters Participate In The Subjugation of Hubcap Walter. Playing their earthly rock tunes, inspired by humans, performed by the undead. These sounds will be sure to grope your ear drums and remove the  footing from all you hold dear. Knocked flat and barely dead, these Monsters can shred. All that and some spooky tracks to get you through the terror of October.


The Famous Monsters

Head on out to the Legion on October 21st and The Westwood Pub on October 28th to catch these Ungodly Ghouls in action...

Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: John Deere Made Bicycles in the 1890s

According to Wikipedia: 

  • Swiss national radio reported that "the [Swiss] Foreign Ministry has offered to mediate between [Catalonia and Spain] in the crisis [regarding Catalonia's independence]. However, on 16 October 2017, the Foreign Ministry...released a press note declaring that no formal offer was made, also stating that the independent aspirations in Catalonia are an internal affair of Spain"
  • Donald Trump in Music: In a recent live show, Canadian punk band D.O.A changed the title of their song "F***** Up Ronnie" (1981, in relation to Ronald Reagan), to "F****** Up Donnie." In "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" by U2, Bono changed the lyrics from "When fact is fiction and TV reality" to "When fact is fiction and reality TV",  in relation to Donald Trump's reality TV career
  • List of 'The Simpsons' couch gags: The most recent episode on October 15 featured "the Simpson family [as] the furniture instead of the characters on the couch: Homer is the couch, Bart is the left lamp, Lisa is the right lamp, Maggie is the painting above the couch and Marge is the TV antenna. Couches come in to sit on Homer"
  • The core focus of [John Deere] remained on the agricultural implements, but John Deere also made a few bicycles in the 1890s"
  • Resolute Bay and Sanikiluaq's broadband communications were "upgraded to 4G LTE technology, and 2G-GSM for mobile voice"

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Source: www.listen.hatnote.com

CFUR Showcase: Women of the North

WOTN Ticket Image.jpg

Women of the North

a CFUR Showcase

A CFUR Showcase, Women of The North is a powerful event will take place in a new local arts venue, Omineca Arts Centre. There, we will gather enthusiasts of local music and culture to celebrate women musicians of our region, with the accompaniment of live painting and live and silent auctions, creating an evening of celebration and Northern flair. This action is supported by CFUR’s mandate and ever-growing ambitions of exposing and encouraging the arts in Northern BC.

A night of inspiration with Amy Blanding, Britt AM, The Nove Voce Vocal Choir, Kym Gouchie, and Rachelle van Zanten

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All will be experienced in a dynamic environment that changes according to the experience of the music thanks to Audrey McKinnon's visual art, as it develops throughout the performances.

Where: Omineca Arts Centre | 1119 3rd Avenue | Prince George BC | Canada

When: Saturday, 18 November 2017 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PST)