Culture Confluence, Ep. 10 - Activist Engagement

This week, on Culture Confluence, I sit down with Dara Campbell from the Prince George Public Interest Research Group, or PG PIRG, and Jordan Harris and Kelsey Callewaert from the POUNDS project. For those unfamiliar, POUNDS stands for Preventing Overdose, Undoing Stigma. So far, this podcast has focused primarily on the arts and artists contributions to Prince George’s cultural backdrop. But as Clayton Gauthier talked about in Episode 9, culture is more than the sum of its artistic outputs. The PG PIRG, a student-led organization on campus, and the POUNDS project, a peer-driven, downtown situated organization, are different in any number of ways but, as can be heard in this exchange, there are shared goals and motivations when it comes to action. 

PG PIRG AGM - Nov 4th at UNBC, April Price Board Room