Ether in the Attic - Episode #148: Taking a Shine - 20170925

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Ether in the Attic

Episode #148: Taking a Shine

Some things just get a gleam after a while. When you focus long enough, you can find the beauty in just about anything. Some argue you can find it in everything. Take this opportunity to focus, and take a shine. With concentration it'll all get refined, to a taste a little like wine. Each flavour unique enough to savour and reflect. Nothing reveals itself benign. Once heard, you must move in your own way to these nuanced notes. In my case it's just around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around...

Small Business Tips: 

The number one loophole is tax deferral. The corporate income tax rate is 15.5% (that is the combined provincial and federal rate). However, your personal rate can reach as high as 46.4%. That’s a difference of almost 31 percentage points. Having said that, it makes a lot of sense to keep most of the money inside your corporation, pay a low rate of tax, and take out only what you need from the corporation to pay for your living expenses.

This way, you’re taking advantage of the low corporate tax rate and not paying much in the form of personal income taxes.


Hubcap Pick of the week: 1957 Dodge Lancer wheel cover with knight head

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Aboriginal Outlet - Episode 2 - UNBC Inspired

I was able to Interview Marion Erickson, a student at UNBC, who had turned down a $3,000 Scholarship.  Big News on it's own.  She supports Lelu Island and wasn't going to trade her values in for cash.   Love  her and her integrity; proving we can't be bought out. 

I also interviewed Jennifer Wickham, a teacher at UNBC. She wrote a poetry book, called "I'm a Real Skin."  She has goals to be reconnected with her culture.  She did a reading after the interview, called "The Places I come From."

Check out her other work on her website:

And a song at the end, by Molly Wickham called the "Wet'suwet'en Water Song"


Aboriginal Outlet - Episode 3 - Fishing and Land

This interview started with the fishing season this year.  I interviewed Colin Mason from Department of Ocean and Fisheries.  I also interviewed Walter Joseph Sr from Office of the Wet'suwet'en to get both perspectives.  Although they weren't expecting much sockeye salmon, over 50 million sockeye went to Alaska.  I heard people back home received Chinook and it was a good run this year.  

I also did a couple interviews regarding land, such as Unist'oten Camp with Freda Huson. I also interviewed Nadia Novak, who is a volunteer from Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance.   They have their own websites: For Freda Huson

Find Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance on Facebook.

Mussiy' cho!  Thanks for listening!

CFUR presents another Installment with RVF - The CanQueer Team w/ Dr. Alexandre Baril



CFUR in Conjunction with Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie & the NCRA Presents a podcast produced by the CanQueer team of Ottawa have over a decade of community radio experience and bring together the most syndicated Canadian LGBT+ Community talk show.

The CanQueer team interviews the University of Ottawa researcher Dr. Alexandre
Baril. Dr Baril’s research into the under-representation of trans persons in faculty
members in Canadian Universities, with a specific focus on the barriers
contributing to the exclusion of trans people in the francophone university
community. We will explore if the exclusion of trans professors contributes to the
exclusion of trans students in Canada’s francophone universities.

Listen to it on 88.7 CFUR FM Mondays at 4pm, Saturdays at 8am

CFUR Would like to thank RVF, the NCRA, and producers Sebastien Plante & Luke Smith

WikiNews -Ethereum Miner Special

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.15.42 AM.png

A feature interview with Darren Ditto, member of the board of trustees at Two Rivers Galley and owner of an Ethereum miner, which will be showcased at the Prince George Mini-Maker Faire on Sept. 30th from 10am-3pm at Two Rivers Gallery.

Visit the PG Mini Maker Faire facebook page for more information. Hope to see you there! 

Tune in to WikiNews Tuesdays at 9am and Saturdays at noon, or listen online at