Have you always wanted to show your love of CFUR to the world but just wasn't quite sure? 

Well... you've come to the right place!

CFUR has just launched its 2019 Teespring store with classic designs! You can visit our store by clicking the button below, or peruse some of our merch options here. All proceeds go towards helping the station improve its programming, update equipment, put on more awesome events for you all, and more!


CFUR Classic Black Sweater

‘Prince George Covers, Vol. 1’ album (2005)

‘Prince George Covers, Vol. 1’ album (2005)

‘CFUR is the new pink’ compilation (2005)

‘CFUR is the new pink’ compilation (2005)

CFUR Studio Recording

Have a recording project in mind? Been sitting on some tracks you just haven’t been able to lay down?

Well, how would you like to record in our studio for reasonable rates? We can start to negotiate your affordable rates by filling out this form.

CFUR Equipment Rentals

CFUR has a variety of audio equipment, it isn’t necessarily in use 24 hours a day. When we aren’t using it, you may be able to rent it! Be aware though that as an insurance policy, we do require a deposit, based on the value of the equipment being signed out. We require this deposit to be submitted before we can give you any equipment. Any late fees incurred can be drawn from this deposit.

To rent equipment from CFUR, fill out this form.