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Music Director

Eliza Houg

CFUR Radio

3333 University WayPrince George, BC V2N 4Z9


twitter: @cfur_music

Tracking hours: Tuesdays @ 3:30-5:00pm (PST)

Submission Guidelines

-CFUR Radio accepts digital and physical submissions. This means: YES to: CD, Vinyl, Cassette, mp3!


If you are submitting via Dropbox, attached mp3s, Bandcamp code, whatever, your files MUST be full of information. This means that when the MD opens the files, the artist name, track title, year, album info is already on the mp3. We don't have a DMDS account: please send it to us via dropbox or another download service.

CFUR does not accept singles. Your submission must have a minimum of three songs. This cuts down on review and processing time for us.

Please allow a week between sending your mp3s and checking back with us to see how they did. It takes a while to process all the new music we get, so if you haven’t heard from us we’re probably still going through the pile.


Again, your tracks MUST be full of information. This means that when the MD inserts the CD, the artist name, track title, year, album info is already on the track. Your submission being in a jewel case with proper album art, lyrics, and artist information will greatly increase its chances of being added. A one-sheet (paper with a description of yourself, your music, featuring reviews from periodicals/websites, and what your band sounds similar to) will help your chances as well. If your cd has a sticker on the front of it denoting focus tracks, the band’s sound, and whether or not you’re CANCON, this will help you out as well. Like with digital, please allow a week for the music director to review your album.

If you wish to chat to the Music Director about your submission, you can call Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 3-4PM PST. All other times, please email

And, in conclusion, if your album doesn’t get added, often it’s just that your sound might not be a fit for us right now. So please send us your next album, and don’t be discouraged!


We play Indie Rock, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Pop, Electronic... Depending on what our show lineup is, we have room for just about anything at the station. Check out our widget for minute-by-minute logs on what's playing at the station. To request an artist, or to hear more of a band you like, call the Music Director at (250) 960-7664, email, or tweet @cfur_music! Thanks for jamming with us!