Smoke's Rant: FIFA Under Fire Again


The international federation of football known as: FIFA, has been under fire again for corruption. By now, if you are a sports fan, you probably know the general detail of what has happened in the soccer world. So, I am going to go on a rant.

What the heck is FIFA doing? They know that they are going to be under immense scrutiny on anything they do because of their track record being as clean as Barry Bonds urine. Not only does FIFA not really crack down on the corruption within the individual leagues (Juventus sent down to Series B for only 1 year), they take over whole countries during an international soccer events and make themselves the highest authority for the duration of the event. The incredible power that has been given to FIFA over the years has been nothing short of astounding. No wonder all the presidents are all corrupt; the moment they get into office, the power gets to their head because there is rarely a system of checks and balances. Unfortunately for Sepp Blatter and the rest of his cronies, they decided to hand over the 2022 World Cup to a country that is hot Hades in the summer to the point that they had to move the tournament to the winter time. Every football fan not located in Qatar were baffled at the reasoning that the FIFA officials gave to legitimize their decision. Clearly, the only real reason that a country like Qatar is getting the World Cup is because they are greasing the FIFA officials pockets with boatloads of cash. I haven't even began to rip into the practices of Qatar and FIFA officials on how they plan to make the appropriate venues to support such a tournament. John Stewart said it best when he remarked that the building of the soccer venues in Qatar will be equivalent to the slaves building the Pyramids in Egypt. The U.S has begun an investigation into 14 officials of FIFA, siting a specific example of Jack Warner getting a $10 million payout from South Africa after his vote swayed the result in the favor of South Africa getting the 2010 World Cup.

My question to the soccer (football) world is, why the heck has it taken this long for these criminals to start getting the justice they deserve? I say, investigate every dealing that the 14 officials have had in the last couple of decades and fine them the exact amount that they got paid off over the years. Make sure that they are made an example of to ensure that this does not happen in soccer again. Every league and organization has their problems in one way or another, but make sure that FIFA is an example for others to get their act together to face the consequences.

I am a fan of the beautiful game of soccer, but the game is getting uglier by the year because of these sociopaths in major positions. Now, I am going to go straight for my gaming console and trading Wayne Rooney to the Vancouver Whitecaps for a benchwarmer. I am Smoke Stark, keep your hands and feet inside the Batmobile at all times!