20171130 - Brandon Hoffman - Dark Times

We had Brandon Hoffman with us here at CFUR 88.7FM to talk about the upcoming three-day, three-venue Dark Times music festival. An event taking place in Williams Lake, which last year due to the wildfires, had to cancel their annual Arts on the Fly event. However, Dark Times will probably be anything but dark. 

Check out their website  http://www.artsonthefly.com/darktimes.html  for more information on this awesome event!

Chinese New Year Celebration With Fireworks

Did you start out on the wrong foot with your New Years resolutions or fell asleep before midnight? You can make up and start over 2018 a second time on February 17 as we celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Year of The Dog! The event is taking place on the parking lot of The Exploration Place and Starlight FX is putting on the fireworks, everyone is free to join! 

Please be aware that the exploration place and its bathrooms will be closed due to a ticketed event taking place for 19+. Please see http://tourismpg.com/events/19-way-late-play-date-neon-night-4670 for more information on this event if you are interested. 


Ether in the Attic - Episode #153: Grow YourBusiness Mix - 20180117

With this simple mix you too can grow your business. It's simple, just hit play, sprinkle over your balance sheets, your employees heads, your neck cramp, and your cash box, then watch it all grow. Are you an entrepreneur, are you a risk taker, a room shaker, a meeting motivator, well go cat go! What are you waiting for, the only thing between you and a gainful business is ~50mins of non-stop motivation provided to you by the one and only Hubcap Walter!

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