The Spin Doctors - Guest Hosts DJ Anon 1&2, DJ Applejack & DJ Smyth from CFURadio Youth Academy

In this episode of The SPIN DOCTORS, we dupe you! Is it the country hootenanny? NO! We're spinning the latest ad greatest additions to the CFUR Archives :D
Guest Hosts DJ Anon 1& 2, DJ Applejack & DJ Smyth pop in from the CFURadio Youth Academy to deliver spontaneity and enlightened commentary.

Celtic Fire: Retro and Faves Season 13 Episode 27

The last show of the 13th season! Tune in for more of my favourite theme songs from over the past 13 seasons - I have 30 theme songs to choose from - and some of my fave songs from the past year. Tune in for Mary Ann Kennedy, Maeve Mackinnon, Horo, Oidhche Chiadain, and more! Also....see if you can figure out which of the songs that I'm playing tonight is going to be my new theme song in the fall!

Back music is by Wendy MacIsaac from her album "Off the Floor".

Have a fantastic summer! See you in September! Check my Twitter for information as to when the first new show is. @andrewmcfayden on Twitter.

Radiocamp Content

Our first Radiocamp session is nearly here, so we at CFUR thought we should share some of the great content thats come out of previous camps...

Such as just one of the amazing 1hr shows produced at the end of the 10 day camp by Lesley:


And then of course there are the fabulous interviews that were recorded on the second week of camp

Click below to get some more info on this years Radiocamp!