CFURadio's 2019 Youth Academy Wraps up The Second Session of The Year

CFURadio wraps up the second session of the 2019 CFURadio Youth Academy. If You missed hearing the most recent Youth Academy broadcasts, don’t worry, you can listen to them right here on our site. Registration is still open for the last session of this years CFURadio Youth Academy, For more information head to

Wesley’s World:

Nicholas’ Show:

The Reese Show:

Live with CFUR Youth Academy

All three campers have been working super hard during this past week on topics that they feel passionate about and have each created a live show which will air Monday August 5th. There is a show about the history of baseball, including some home hitting tracks, one about basketball and the final one looking at whether raiding area 51 is a good idea or not.


TEDxUNBC is back at UNBC this October!!!

Starting October 5th at the Canfor Theatre at the University of Northern British Columbia, TEDxUNBC is taking the stage with some of the most interesting and innovative minds from Canada! Featuring speakers such as Daryl Hatton (founder and CEO of FundRazr, an innovative, award-winning global enterprise crowdfunding platform) to UNBC’s very own Dr. Lisa Dickson (an Associate Professor of Renaissance Literature in the English Department at UNBC). It would be a shame to miss out on what these brilliant minds have to share with the community so visit for tickets ($100 each) for the October 5th event! Lend an ear, and learn something new this October!

Youth Academy Interview Day

Today our campers interviewed: Gavin Rowell (a Canadian ski-cross athlete), Rich Abney (the sports information officer at UNBC), and Jeremy Kavka (studied physics in his undergrad and is now getting their education degree). Each interview is full of exciting and interesting questions as well as topics selected by the camper interviewing them.