Just some of the performances we've had here at CFUR. for more check out our youtube page: 


A throwback to the fall of 2015 when local music nerds Winona Wilde (Noosa Al-Sarraj) and Fake Countryman (Eric Welscher-Bilodeau) were preparing for their Eurotown Debut. This video was their first creative collaboration and set the tone for what was fated to be a fond friendership.

Old Hank came into the studio with a few buds. We think 360° is meant for bluegrass music. Enjoy! Filmed, recorded, and edited by Fraser Hayes

Drum and Bell Tower is Brent Morten's mobile monolith of sound. Based out of Williams Lake, he delivers his performance like a javeline, and you won't where it's going to land. Having performed solo for a many years, there's no surprise that he's attracted a host of talented players who have been regularly backing him up.