Saltwater Hank & Danny Bell LIVE at Omineca Arts Centre!

Come on down to everybody's favourite avenue this Saturday evening. Saltwater Hank will take you on a journey from through the mountains of the Bulkley Valley to the Skeena, to the saltwater out west, down the coast and eastbound to the Kootenay’s. Danny Bell's lyrics sweep superfluity off of the table so we can stay near the filthy ground and celebrate what's real with our dirty friends. 

Saturday, September 30th @ 9 pm! 

1119 3rd Avenue
Prince George, B.C. V2L 3E4

Wikipedia Speculates that James Moore will Announce Candidacy in the BC Liberal Leadership Race

According to Wikipedia: 

  • MLAs Andrew Wilkinson, Mike Bernier, and Mike de Jong announce their candidacy for the BC Liberal Party leadership race. UNBC Chancellor James Moore is also rumoured to announce his candidacy.
  • "Candy Land is a simple racing board game currently published by Hasbro. The game requires no reading and minimal counting skills, making it suitable for young children. Due to the design of the game, there is no strategy involved: players are never required to make choices, just follow directions. The winner is predetermined by the shuffle of the cards. A perennial favourite, the game sells about one million copies per year."
  • "Rates of [alcohol] consumption during Prohibition: Illegal sales are not officially reported or measured, but there are indirect estimates using alcohol related deaths and cirrhosis, a liver disease specifically tied to ongoing alcohol consumption. Scholars estimate that consumption dropped to a low of about 60% of pre-prohibition levels around 1925, rising to almost 80% before the law was officially repealed."
  • "Seasteading is the concept of creating permanent dwellings at sea, called seasteads, outside the territory claimed by any government.... Seasteaders say such autonomous floating cities will foster faster development of techniques to 'feed the hungry, cure the sick, clean the atmosphere, and enrich the poor.' Some critics fear seasteads are designed more as a refuge for the wealthy to avoid taxes or other problems."

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Ether in the Attic - Episode #148: Taking a Shine - 20170925

1957 57 dodge lancer vintage knight head.jpg

Ether in the Attic

Episode #148: Taking a Shine

Some things just get a gleam after a while. When you focus long enough, you can find the beauty in just about anything. Some argue you can find it in everything. Take this opportunity to focus, and take a shine. With concentration it'll all get refined, to a taste a little like wine. Each flavour unique enough to savour and reflect. Nothing reveals itself benign. Once heard, you must move in your own way to these nuanced notes. In my case it's just around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around...

Small Business Tips: 

The number one loophole is tax deferral. The corporate income tax rate is 15.5% (that is the combined provincial and federal rate). However, your personal rate can reach as high as 46.4%. That’s a difference of almost 31 percentage points. Having said that, it makes a lot of sense to keep most of the money inside your corporation, pay a low rate of tax, and take out only what you need from the corporation to pay for your living expenses.

This way, you’re taking advantage of the low corporate tax rate and not paying much in the form of personal income taxes.


Hubcap Pick of the week: 1957 Dodge Lancer wheel cover with knight head

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